Laura Whitmore Made The First Move On 'Intimidated' Love Island Boyfriend Iain Stirling

13 March 2020, 10:03

Laura Whitmore made the first move on Iain Stirling
Laura Whitmore made the first move on Iain Stirling. Picture: Instagram @thewhitmore

Laura Whitmore's revealed how she and Iain Stirling first got together- admitting he was too scared to make the first move on his now-Love Island co-star.

Love Island host Laura Whitmore has spilt the tea on how she and the show's narrator, Iain Stirling, first got together, admitting she was the first one to make a move as he seemed 'intimidated' by her, and it took a pretty long time to get the wheels in motion!

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Speaking on the JD's In The Duffle Bag podcast, the 34-year-old revealed:

"When we first met he didn’t even hit on me, he was too nervous to hit on me! I think he was intimidated by me. I remember Iain was too scared to ask me out so in the end I had to ask him out."

'He used to send me random messages, DM me and ask me about my dog."

"It took nine months but we got there! I was like "let’s just go for a drink". I think I had to make the moves on him."

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The pair reportedly first met in 2016, hitting it off as 'great friends' instantly according pals closer to them, keeping their romance on the down low until 2017 when Laura confirmed they were happy together- which, from seeing them loved-up on Instagram, we know they are!

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