Love Island Fans Think Josh’s Tattoo Looks Like Something Seriously Dodgy

26 July 2018, 12:28

Josh Denzel tattoo

Is that a…?!

As Love Island is slowly drawing to a close and we are getting ready to adjust back to real life, fans of the show have noticed something weird about one of the reality contestants…

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One of the hopefuls looking for love, Josh Denzel, has a half sleeve tattoo on one arm… which fans think looks like a phallic object! 

Fans couldn’t work out what the inking was actually meant to be, but thought they were seeing things when it appeared to be, as Dr Alex would call it, a ‘Johnson’.

They took to Twitter to share their observations on the dodgy tatt:

We’re waiting for Josh to leave the villa to finally clear up what on earth that’s actually supposed to be…

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