Love Island's Idris Virgo's Angry Messages To A Girl Who Rejected Him Uncovered

13 July 2018, 15:02

Idris Virgo texts revealed

Love Island's new contestant Idris Virgo's messages to a girl who rejected him have been posted on social media, and its safe to say he doesn't take the let down too well...

Love Island contestant Idris Virgo has made quite the impression in the villa after his fireman performance, but as his messages attempting to 'flirt' with a girl who had a boyfriend have gone viral on social media, people are starting to have second thoughts on the new island bombshell.

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One Twitter user, Sophie Robinson couldn't pin down why Idris seemed so familiar to her, until she went back through her messages from 2013 and found this awkward exchange between her and the professional boxer.

Aside from the abomination of spelling errors, Idris accuses Sophie of thinking she's 'god's gift' for turning him down after repeatedly telling him she has a boyfriend.

Some have called her out for unearthing messages from over five years ago, but others are praising her for exposing what they've deemed 'bratty' behaviour.

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