WATCH: Love Island's Georgia Steel And Sam Bird Spill The Loyal-Tea

26 July 2018, 11:08

Wanna know who the sneakiest housemates are and what Georgia is going to say to Laura when she sees her outside the villa? They've spilt the (loyal) tea...

She's the most loyal babe from this year's Love Island, so when Georgia Steel and her boys, Sam Bird, stopped in to see us, we just had to get them to spill the tea. But not just any tea.. the loyal-tea (geddit?). 

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We got Sam and Georgia to spill all the secrets on their fellow housemates including who they think is putting on an act, who reckons they're likely to win and who the sneakiest members of the house are. 

The couple revealed who is likely to part ways once they're out of the villa and who the most loyal remaining housemate is too. 

It's safe to say, Sam and Georgia did NOT hold back on their fellow Islanders - and there was ample tea spilled while enjoying a cuppa. 

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