Love Island's Curtis Pritchard Reveals He’s Open To Relationships With Men But 'Sees A Future' With Maura Higgins

5 August 2019, 10:45

Curtis Pritchard has opened up about his sexuality, after finding happiness with Love Island co-star Maura Higgins.

Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard – who came fourth in the series with Maura Higgins – has given a candid interview about his sexuality, saying he wouldn’t rule out future relationships with men.

Speaking to the tabloids he explained: “I’ve been with women and I’m with a woman now. You can never put a label on anything. It’s a cliche to say, but love is blind. I can never ever say what will happen in the future. I wouldn’t rule anything out.”

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However, the professional ballroom dancer and the Irish ring girl have since taken the next step in their relationship, with Curtis adding: “It was worth the wait. I’m glad we did it away from the cameras, but that’s all I’ll say, as a gentleman never kisses and tells.”

Curtis Pritchard said he wouldn't rule out relationships with men in future
Curtis Pritchard said he wouldn't rule out relationships with men in future. Picture: ITV2 / Maura Higgins/Instagram

Curtis has since discussed how he told Maura about his sexuality, speaking on ITV’s Lorraine on Monday morning to say they’re both on the same page.

He said to Christine Bleakley: “I spoke to Maura last night because we saw it and basically I’m happy with Maura. I’m happy with how things are going with Maura and we can see a future together.

“We’ve both said the same thing sort of so that’s that really. Maura’s head is clear and my head is clear on where we’re going. The future is an unwritten path sometimes, you don’t know. Like last year, would I have said I’d go on Love Island? No, never and then I was on Love Island.

The reality TV star said their relationship is now stronger than ever after leaving the villa, as they’re able to do things the couldn’t during the ITV2 show.

Curtis Pritchard said he could see a future with Maura Higgins
Curtis Pritchard said he could see a future with Maura Higgins. Picture: ITV2

He added: "I have noticed since I got out I have got so much closer to Maura, so much. In the villa, it's the villa everybody does get close but you can't do normal things like go for a walk or listen to music in the car just simple little things like that. "Since I've done all these little things like that with Maura we've just got closer and closer.”

Curtis continued: “We were away for one day and I went to bed, I was in bed on my own and I was like, ‘Something’s missing here’.”

The duo coupled up halfway through their villa journey, after Curtis was coupled up with Amy Hart from week one of Love Island and dumped her in week five.

Amy, Maura and Curtis all came face to face on Love Island’s reunion show on Sunday night and the awkward meeting had viewers cringing.

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