Charlie Brake Has Angered Fans, After Asking Followers To Work For Him For "A Prize"

29 August 2018, 14:25

Charlie Brake Asks For Graphic Designers On Instagram
Charlie Brake Asks For Graphic Designers On Instagram. Picture: ITV2

Despite claiming to be a millionaire, the Love Island resident, Charlie Brake, has left everyone confused as to why he's hiring people for free.

During his stay in Love Island, Charlie Brake managed to shock the nation - and win the heart of Ellie Brown - after he admitted his family was very rich.

Which is why a lot of his fans have been left confused as to why he asked to hire a graphic designer, and was willing to pay them with "a prize".

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Charlie Brake Graphic Designers Instagram Story
Charlie Brake Graphic Designers Instagram Story. Picture: Instagram

Charlie took to Instagram to request the help of a graphic designer, saying that he was looking for someone to design a banner for his upcoming YouTube channel.

"Make it standout from the rest," said the Love Island contestant. However, despite claiming to be very wealthy, he merely offered the designers "a prize" for his favourite; instead of paying them.

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After the post was shared on reddit, users were saying that it would probably be a signed picture, and therefore not worth the designer's time, and that the best designers won't actually apply for the role, in the first place.