Are Love Island's Harriett And Ronnie Still Together?

9 July 2024, 13:18 | Updated: 12 July 2024, 16:37

Are Ronnie and Harriett dating?
Are Ronnie and Harriett dating? Picture: Instagram

By Abbie Reynolds

Harriett Blackmore and Ronnie Vint left Love Island hand-in-hand after a turbulent time in the villa, but are they an item, are they still dating or have they gone their separate ways? Here's what we know.

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It's no lie that Harriett Blackmore and Ronnie Vint kept the Love Island villa abuzz with their on-again off-again relationship and all of the islanders were gutted to see them dumped after a public vote, especially their bestie Joey Essex.

Now, even though Ronnie's head was turned multiple times while on the show, it seems his eyes have been firmly set on Harriett since they left the villa together.

Harriett fought for Ronnie's affections even when he cracked on with fellow islanders Jess White and Tiffany Leighton and she was right to wait it out as eventually they had their happy ever after. The pair eventually coupled up and were sent on a date where they got to know each other on a deeper level.

Of course, just as things started going smoothly for the pair the Love Island Gods spoke and they were axed from the show. But how are things with them outside of the villa?

Are Ronnie and Harriett an item or have they gone their separate ways? Here's what we know.

Ronnie and Harriett left the villa coupled up with each other
Ronnie and Harriett left the villa coupled up with each other. Picture: ITV2

Are Love Island's Harriett and Ronnie still together?

Yep. It looks like Harriett and Ronnie are dating now that they've left the villa. They have been doing press together and in the all the clips they look very cosy as Ronnie places his hand on Harriett's knee and she hugs his arm.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan about their co-star Jess, Ronnie said that his "loyalties" lie with Harriett now but he doesn't hold any ill feelings towards her.

"I've definitely left that in the villa," Harriett said of her relationship with Jess, before saying that she might have "taken a different approach" with her if she'd known everything she'd said.

"But seeing things she said about me afterwards. Things I've seen, like calling me cheap and all the names under the sun, maybe I would have taken a different approach," Harriett added.

Ronnie weighed in saying: "It's no hard feelings but obviously my loyalties are with Harriet so I'm not gonna be her best mate and see her. But for me I'm cool, do you know what I mean?"

The semi-pro footballer seemed to further confirm things with Harriett by posting, what looks like, a paparazzi picture of him and her walking hand-in-hand.

He captioned the photo 'Turbo > Urbo' - referencing his villa nickname 'Turbo' - with a white heart and Harriett commented 'My Ronners' with a matching white heart.

So for now, things between the pair look super cosy - we'll let you know if anything changes.

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