Love Island Stars’ Shocking Demands Revealed By Producers On Aftersun Including Tommy Fury's Mayonnaise Addiction

22 July 2019, 10:00

The Love Islanders are allowed to request whatever snacks they desire
The Love Islanders are allowed to request whatever snacks they desire. Picture: ITV2

The Love Island contestants are allowed to request whatever they need while in the villa.

Crew members of Love Island appeared on Sunday night’s Aftersun to share some behind-the-scenes secrets of life in the villa, with some outrageous demands made by the contestants.

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While viewers only really see the cast “having a chat” and partaking in hilarious challenges, there’s a lot of very normal activity that goes on in Love Island such as snacking.

The cupboard in the kitchen is where the islanders' requests are left
The cupboard in the kitchen is where the islanders' requests are left. Picture: ITV2

According to one of the runners, Bella, who works on site of the ITV2 reality show, some of the islanders make some very bizarre snack demands, with Tommy Fury apparently working his way through half a tub of mayonnaise every day.

“I look after all of the islanders’ wants and needs, which usually includes food,” Bella said on Aftersun. “This is the back of the larder. This is where we put all of the islanders’ requests. Islanders love snacks: crisps, cookies, chocolate – and they love coffee.”

She also revealed the islanders have their meals catered for, and the boys go through a lot of chicken.

Bella continued: “All of the food is by a catering company and the guys eat a lot of food. A lot of protein. They will have three or four chicken breasts in one meal.”

“One of the biggest eaters is definitely Tommy and he seems to have mayonnaise on every meal and he will got through half a bottle per day,” she said.

One of the most bizarre requests is breath spray, with Anton Danyluk apparently going through a bottle every other day.

When it comes to cleaning, the worst of the rooms is the girls’ dressing room as makeup goes everywhere.

Cleaning co-ordinator Chris said: “Over the course of the show, there is enough hair to make a wig for me.”

Meanwhile, location manager Pancho’s responsibility is keeping the islanders safe, a job which recently involved keeping a herd of goats away from the villa after they came down from the mountain and ate all the plants.

He said: "There were about 14 goats that came from the mountains. They ate some of the plants and they broke some of the walls."

Luckily, the situation was dealt with before they reached the kitchen.

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