Love Island Australia Cast: Their Jobs Away From The Villa Revealed

15 June 2020, 20:30 | Updated: 15 June 2020, 20:31

The Love Island Australia cast: What are their real jobs?
The Love Island Australia cast: What are their real jobs? Picture: ITV

What are the real life jobs of the Love Island Australia season one cast? Here’s everything you need to know.

Love Island Australia season one is airing in the UK this summer, and as we get to know the cast, viewers want to know what the stars do as a job away from the villa.

Who Is The Love Island Australia Host?

Contestants in Love Island Australia include Millie Fuller, Grant Crapp, and Justin Lacko, who all went on to become reality TV stars, but what are their jobs now? Let's take a look...

What is Cassidy McGill’s job?

Cassidy McGill on Love Island Australia
Cassidy McGill on Love Island Australia. Picture: ITV

Cassidy was a barmaid before she signed up to Love Island Australia, but quit her job weeks after leaving the villa in 2018 to become a full-time influencer.

The Instagram star received some backlash last year for calling her new line of work “hard work.”

She hit back: “Everyone thinks that we get paid a s**tload to do f*** all, and it’s really easy – it’s not easy, this job basically never stops and there’s a lot of pressure.”

What is Erin Barnett’s job?

Love Island Australia: Erin Barnett
Love Island Australia: Erin Barnett. Picture: ITV

Erin worked as a nurse before joining Love Island, describing herself as “the naughty nurse.”

Shortly after appearing on the summer romance series, Erin left her job as a nurse to continue her career in reality TV, starring in I’m A Celeb at the end of last year.

She also has a YouTube channel with over 240k subscribers.

What does Millie Fuller do as a job?

Love Island Australia: Millie Fuller
Love Island Australia: Millie Fuller. Picture: ITV

Millie had a job as a doggy daycare worker when she first entered Love Island.

She now runs a Sydney-based dog walking business called Dog Vlogs Dog Walking.

Millie also utilised her expanded social media following to work with brands, posting advertised pictures on a regular basis to her 234k followers.

Natasha Cherie’s job

Love Island Australia: Natasha Cherie
Love Island Australia: Natasha Cherie. Picture: ITV

Natasha ran – and still runs – a hair and beauty boutique in Perth.

Like her co-stars, she often partners with brands for social media posts.

Tayla Damir’s job

Love Island Australia: Tayla Damir
Love Island Australia: Tayla Damir. Picture: ITV

Tayla was a beauty queen before finding fame on Love Island and now uses her platform as an influencer promoting brands close to her heart.

She recently had her own beauty collaboration with Australian skincare brand The Beauty Edit.

What is Justin Lacko’s job?

Love Island Australia: Justin Lacko
Love Island Australia: Justin Lacko. Picture: ITV

It’s no surprise Justin worked as a model before being cast on Love Island Australia, and he still works in the industry today.

He’s also an ambassador for charity The Kids Foundation and recently became a father!

What does Charlie Taylor do?

Love Island Australia: Charlie Taylor
Love Island Australia: Charlie Taylor. Picture: ITV

Charlie was a rugby player when he took part in the reality series, and has now expanded his talents into tennis.

He also started his own clothing label and runs a personal fitness programme.

Eden Dally’s job

Love Island Australia: Eden Dally
Love Island Australia: Eden Dally. Picture: ITV

Eden worked as a prison guard ahead of entering Love Island.

He’s now father to a baby boy with his partner, Married at First Sight star Cyrell Paule.

Josh Moss’ job

Love Island Australia: Josh Moss
Love Island Australia: Josh Moss. Picture: ITV

Josh was a sports administrator when he entered Love Island but now makes use of his high profile to team up with brands for Instagram promotions.

What is Grant Crapp’s job?

Love Island Australia: Grant Crapp
Love Island Australia: Grant Crapp. Picture: ITV

Grant worked as an electrician before he entered Love Island.

He now works in the stocks and shares market and with Instagram endorsements.

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