Love Is Blind’s Colleen & Matt Address ‘Assumptions’ About Their Relationship

17 November 2022, 12:54

By Kathryn Knight

Colleen and Matt from Love is Blind series 3 have addressed the criticism about their relationship.

Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton had a tumultuous relationship on Love is Blind series 3 after meeting in the pods, but despite their differences they both said ‘yes’ at the altar.

However, like a number of the contestants on the show, they are now facing criticism about their relationship after the series – which saw them get engaged without meeting – aired on Netflix.

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Viewers expressed concerns for Colleen after seeing Matt’s reaction to Colleen’s admission about a conversation she had with co-star Cole Barnett in the pool.

Colleen and Matt addressed 'assumptions' about their relationship
Colleen and Matt addressed 'assumptions' about their relationship. Picture: Netflix
Colleen and Matt said 'I do' at the altar on Love is Blind
Colleen and Matt said 'I do' at the altar on Love is Blind. Picture: Netflix

They also claimed she looked uncomfortable at the Love is Blind reunion.

In a new interview, the couple have hit back at the remarks, with the ballet dancer calling them: “Completely not true.”

Speaking to Us Weekly, she said: “What’s frustrating with what people do say about our relationship is that these really harsh assumptions, that’s really tricky to talk about. And it’s just completely wrong. It’s completely not true. And it’s really sad what people are saying.”

She continued: “We’re just surrounding ourselves around our family and our friends who have been nothing but supportive. Not once has someone said in our lives, in our everyday lives like, ‘Oh, should we be worried or listening to these comments?’

Colleen and Matt had a tumultuous start to their relationship
Colleen and Matt had a tumultuous start to their relationship. Picture: Colleen Reed/Instagram

“They’ve actually just told us the same thing — be true to ourselves. They know us, we know us, we’re fine. So I would say that’s the biggest thing that we would wanna clear up is that these things that people are saying are just absolutely not true.”

Matt agreed it’s ‘been tough’ to see the speculation, saying the comments ‘started getting really nasty online.’

He added: “We know how we are. We know who we are and we love each other to death and we’re just continuing to do our thing. That’s a tricky topic to discuss, but yeah, it hurt being accused of some of the things that people are saying.”

Matt also explained that the pressure of getting married within five weeks took its toll, admitting he handled their argument on their honeymoon ‘dead wrong.’

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