James Corden Pays Furloughed Staff's Salaries From His Own Pocket

4 May 2020, 07:22

James Corden is personally paying furloughed staff
James Corden is personally paying furloughed staff. Picture: Getty

Host of The Late Late Show is reportedly paying the salaries of furloughed staff from his own money.

While James Corden may be taking some time off from promoting The Late Late Show, due to a recent eye surgery, that hasn't stopped him from helping out his staff.

A lot of the workers on his show have had to - unfortunately - be furloughed during the coronavirus pandemic, so the Gavin & Stacey star has vowed to pay them himself.

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According to Variety, CBS, the station that owns The Late Late Show, covered eight weeks of the staff's salary, but James has since taken responsibility for workers who may be furloughed from Monday, 4 May.

He is said to be paying at least "five figures a week" to roughly 60 staff members from his own pocket.

It's rumoured that many of James' fellow late night talkshow hosts are doing similarly, including Trevor Noah, who will be paying 25 crew workers until "production begins to ramp back up in the television industry".

Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden are paying their furloughed staff
Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden are paying their furloughed staff. Picture: Getty

Jimmy Kimmel started this trend last month, after he started paying furloughed staff when production on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, was shut down.

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According to reports, James Corden is locked in a battle against Simon Cowell over who will broadcast the televised reunion of One Direction, as the group celebrate their tenth anniversary.

James Corden is rumoured to be hosting a One Direction reunion
James Corden is rumoured to be hosting a One Direction reunion. Picture: Getty

A source reportedly said: "Cowell and Corden are now in a battle for who gets One Direction to perform together again first.

"Simon was their mentor; who first had the idea of putting them together as a group and they are one of the most successful acts from one of his shows.

"But while all the One Direction boys adore Simon and enjoy working with him, there are other TV shows today," continued the source.

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"Harry Styles is very good friends with James' executive producer Ben Winston – he even used to live with him – so his inclination is to lean towards James' show.

"The other lads really like James and Ben too and the show is a great platform for them. It's a tough call."

Meanwhile, Niall Horan has denied that there will be any One Direction reunion at all, while he spoke on Instagram Live.

"No. Obviously, there's a lot of talk about it at the moment, because the ten year anniversary of the band getting together is happening this year, but there's no reunion, as such. We've just been talking a bit more, recently," confirmed Nialler.