On My Block: Who is Kendra? The real identity of Jamal's girlfriend in season 3

12 March 2020, 14:18

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Kendra becomes Jamal's girlfriend in On My Block season 3 but the squad think that she is a Prophet.

On My Block season 3 viewers aren't sure whether to trust Jamal's new girlfriend, Kendra (Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson), or not.

Yesterday (Mar 11), Netflix released On My Block season 3 and fans are already gripped. Not only does it see the squad face their biggest challenge yet (they have to find Lil' Ricky or the leader of the Santos will kill them), but it also features lots more Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia), a hilarious JoJo Siwa-esque teen popstar and the most shocking ending of the series yet.

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On top of that, season 3 introduces us to Kendra, who becomes Jamal's new love interest. However, there's a catch. The squad are convinced that Kendra is secretly a Prophet and they encourage Jamal to stay away from her at all costs.

Who is Kendra in On My Block season 3? Is she secretly a Prophet?

On My Block: Who is Kendra? The real identity of Jamal's girlfriend in season 3
On My Block: Who is Kendra? The real identity of Jamal's girlfriend in season 3. Picture: Netflix

When Kendra first appears in On My Block season 3, Jamal believes that she is stalking him. He sees her in a graveyard and then he catches her staring at him at school. Jamal thinks that she must either be one of the Prophets or interested in him in a romantic sense. When Jamal tells the squad, they laugh off at the idea of Kendra fancying him and urge him to avoid her.

However, Kendra and Jamal eventually chat and he finds out that she is attracted to him and wants to have sex with him. As the series progresses, we learn that Kendra is just socially awkward and homeschooled, hence Jamal and the squad having never met her before. She complements Jamal's own idiosyncrasies well and their love story is cute to watch unfold.

Still, some fans don't trust Kendra. They think that her being 'homeschooled' and still hellbent on being with Jamal is a huge red flag and that she may have some ulterior motive. Season 2 ends with a two-year time jump and it's not clear if Jamal is still dating Kendra or if they've split up. We imagine that the show will reveal more about Kendra in season 4.

Discussing Kendra with Entertainment Tonight, Brett Gray, who plays Jamal, said: ""It's so funny because [Kendra's] sort of the opposite of Jamal. She's super shy and really creepy, and really quiet and weird. So, like, it brings him down. You get a little bit more of who Jamal is as a romantic, but it's also the most ridiculous relationship ever."

Whether she's secretly a villain or not, Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson plays Kendra perfect and we hope to see more of her in season 4.

What do you think of Kendra?