The Medical Reason Stanley Johnson Can't Do 'I'm A Celeb' Trials Has Been Revealed & People Are Angry AF

28 November 2017, 12:17 | Updated: 13 December 2017, 10:18

Stanley Johnson

Even Stanley seems to think it's a bit of a joke.

Whenever it's time for a Bushtucker Trial on 'I'm A Celeb' we get excited to see exactly who the public has voted for this time.

Whilst we're always hoping it's Amir doing some sort of trial involving a snake (lol), one person we're never expecting to hear called out is Stanley Johnson.

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Stanley has been ruled out of a number of trials on medical grounds and it's become a bit of a running joke between Ant & Dec, but now the medical reason has finally been revealed and people aren't happy!

After the Geordie duo uttered those inevitable words, "Stanley has been ruled out of this one on medical grounds", we rolled our eyes once more, but then Stanley shed some light on the situation.

Turning to his fellow campmates, he claimed, "It’s my ingrowing toenail!"

Many fans thought that Stanley admitting to his ingrowing toe nail was hilarious, but there were plenty more people who were annoyed that producers had put someone on the show who couldn't be involved in the trials!

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Whilst you're here, check out Amir Khan asking Stanley the most random question of the year...