I’m A Celeb Divides Viewers Over Use Of Live Insects During Latest Challenge: 'So Cruel Man'

23 November 2019, 22:17 | Updated: 25 November 2019, 15:13

I'm A Celeb viewers were divided over the latest challenge using live bugs
I'm A Celeb viewers were divided over the latest challenge using live bugs. Picture: ITV

I’m A Celebrity divided viewers with its latest challenge.

The latest Bushtucker Trial on I’m A Celebrity upset some viewers who had concerns over the live insects being used as part of the trial, where the celebs had to each hold live insects in their mouths for 30 seconds in order to free one of their ‘jailed’ campmates.

Each of the stars in the main camp, including Nadine Coyle, Caitlyn Jenner, and Roman Kemp, had to get involved in the challenge, holding insects such as beetles, beech worms, cockroaches, and a huntsman spider in their mouths.

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The gruesome challenge left the celebrities with the 12 out of 12 stars needed, but it divided viewers over the fact they used live insects.

“Finding it really hard to watch this task on I'm a celeb. Feel sorry for the live animals,” one person tweeted.

All of the campmates had to take part in the challenge
All of the campmates had to take part in the challenge. Picture: ITV

A second wrote: “I’m a celeb putting an end to eating live animals but still putting live animals in the celebs mouths.”

“Why why why is it seen as fine for people on I'm a celeb to hold live bugs in their mouths? So cruel man,” tweeted a third, as a fourth added: “I’m not being a snowflake I swear but does no one else think I’m A Celeb is just a bit cruel to animals? I just don’t get it anymore.”

However, some viewers loved the challenge.

“Oh man- they all did well tonight! YUCK! How can they eat these things??” Tweeted someone else.

“Can’t believe i’ve just watched caitlyn jenner eat a cows eye on i’m a celeb, [sic]” wrote another.

“Some people probably won’t like the use of live animals but Carol, its I’m a celeb they ain’t gonna nip down m&s and get a Colin the caterpillar,” joked one viewer.

Each of the insects were brought out and returned safely by a professional animal handler, assuring they weren’t harmed during the challenge.

Before the show returned on 17 November, an ITV source said live bugs wouldn’t be used in eating challenges anymore, rolling out the changes permanently after previous years saw celebrities eat live insects.

In Saturday night’s challenge, each of the insects were held for 30 seconds before being safely removed from the celebrities’ mouths.

Capital has contacted an ITV spokesperson to provide a comment.

I’m A Celebrity continues Sunday night at 9pm on ITV.

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