Disney+'s Encore!: Everything You Need To Know About Kristen Bell's Reality Series

12 November 2019, 14:10

Kristen Bell stars in and produces Disney+'s Encore!
Kristen Bell stars in and produces Disney+'s Encore! Picture: Getty

Encore! is one of the new original series Disney+ is offering, which sees adults re-do a major part of their school experience.

Disney+ is set to be the home of all of Disney's properties, including Star Wars, The Simpsons and their live-action remakes.

Their docuseries, Encore!, will see adults going back to high school to recreate a performance they originally performed during their childhood.

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Here's everything you need to know about Kristen Bell's reality web series, Encore!

Where can I watch Encore!?

Encore! premiered on Disney+, Disney own streaming service, on Tuesday, 12 November 2019.

Encore! sees people return to school to recreate a musical
Encore! sees people return to school to recreate a musical. Picture: Getty

Who is in Encore!?

Kristen Bell - who is best known for her roles as Princess Anna in Frozen, and Eleanor Shellstrop in The Good Place - hosts Encore!, as well as acting as executive producer.

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"I thought it was the greatest idea when I heard it," said the Encore! host. "Musical theatre was something that meant a lot to me in high school.

She went on to discuss the age ranges of the cast; "We have casts who are millennials, and we have casts that are baby boomers and haven't seen each other in 45 years".

What is Encore! about?

Disney's Encore! sees several adults return to their high school, to recreate a musical they originally performed at school. However, this time Broadway talent - including directors and choreographers - are helping with the production.

Kristen Bell said "We take former high school musical casts, and we reunite them to put on their show in six days.

"It's funny. It's got a lot of tender moments, because you're able to reintroduce yourself to someone you already know, having shed the labels of high school," she continued.