Dancing On Ice Faye Brooks: All The Facts On Her Fitness Boyfriend, Age & Instagram

24 January 2021, 15:00

Inside 'Dancing On Ice' star Faye Brooks's life
Inside 'Dancing On Ice' star Faye Brooks's life. Picture: Instagram @faye_brooks

Faye Brookes AKA 'Coronation Street's' Kate Connor has put on her ice skates to compete in 2021's 'Dancing On Ice'- here's the lowdown on her fitness boyfriend, age and Instagram.

Everyone's favourite soap star, Coronation Street's Faye Brookes, is showing everyone the real her while taking to the ice on 2021's Dancing On Ice!

We're so used to seeing her on our screen, but this time, it will be with a whole lot more sequins and glitter...

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She's already killing it with her skating partner, Hamish Gamen, and we have a feeling she's going to quickly become a fan favourite, so let's take a look inside her life, from her fitness boyfriend to adorable pooches and luxury lifestyle.

Faye Brooks's Dancing On Ice partner is Hamish Gamen
Faye Brooks's Dancing On Ice partner is Hamish Gamen. Picture: Instagram @faye_brookes

What is Faye Brooke's Instagram handle?

You can follow Faye at @faye_brookes where she's sharing glitzy behind the scenes shots, rehearsing on the ice with her partner, Hamish!

The actress also posts about her dreamy life, living in Manchester with her boyfriend and their adorable little dogs.

She's already got a huge following of over 150k followers and we're pretty sure after her primetime ITV stint this will only shoot up more!

Does Faye Brookes have a boyfriend? Who is the Dancing On Ice's star partner?

As if Faye's life wasn't dreamy enough already, she's super loved up with her fitness instructor boyfriend, Joe Davies, who she went public with in January 2020!

Joe has a pretty big following himself, with a verified Instagram page and over 11k followers and we honestly can't stop staring at the snaps of his ripped body.

Both of them are always posting shots of them staring lovingly into each other's eyes such as the one above, going on luxurious date nights or chilling at home with their pooches.

How old is Faye Brookes?

Faye is 33-years-old and has been appearing on Coronation Street for six whole years!

Who is Faye Brookes's Dancing On Ice partner?

Faye Brookes and skating partner Hamish Gaman are fast friends
Faye Brookes and skating partner Hamish Gaman are fast friends. Picture: Twitter @HamishGaman

Hamish Gaman is a 37-years-old professional skater who has appeared on previous series of the show.

In 2020, he faced considerable drama when falling out with his partner, Caprice Bourret, being replaced by another skater before she pulled out of the competition altogether.

He announced: "I'm sad to say that I've pulled out of appearing on Dancing On Ice tonight."

"The past three-and-a-half months have been the worst of my life, and I'm struggling. It might look like things have been calming down, but they aren't."

However, it appears he's having a much better experience this year with Faye- thankfully!

Does Faye Brookes have any children?

No, Faye does not have any children!

Catch Faye on Dancing On Ice every Sunday on ITV.

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