Cheryl Blossom Is Officially A Southside Serpent

17 May 2018, 13:12

Picture: CW
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika


Cheryl Blossom ended Riverdale season 2 with one of the more interesting character arcs on the show. She went from amateur arsonist with mummy issues to a bonafide vigilante with a girlfriend and a red leather jacket (and more mummy issues).

In Riverdale season 2, episode 22, 'Brave New World', Cheryl joined the ranks of the town's infamous Southside Serpents and we gotta admit, red never looked so good.

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Cheryl has come a long way from the isolated rich girl she was in season 1. In the serpents she's found kinship amongst a group she once reviled. And, with Betty as Serpent Queen, it's officially a family affair.

It's also worth remembering that Riverdale season 1 also ended with someone unexpected getting their Serpent leather. Aww remember baby serpent Juggy?

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Does Cheryl's inauguration mean she'll be rapidly rising the ranks like Jughead? Are we going to see her cruising around Riverdale on a motorcycle? Or, at least a sporty Vespa?

Fans can't get enough of Cheryl's serpent re-birth.


People found her character growth truly sensational.

It didn't take long for Cheryl to go from ambushing the new Southside refugees in the school hallway to donning a red leather jacket with their insignia. That, ladies and germs, is the power of LOVE.

And, let's face it. The season 3 possibilities are ENDLESS.

Look, I need full serpent activities for Cheryl. I'm talking playing billiards, hanging out at the Whyte Wyrm, knife fights. I NEED IT ALL.

Congrats to Cheryl on her new crew. As for my request for the Riverdale writers room: let's get some more Choni, more capes, and more badass vigilante moments for Cheryl Bombshell.