Fans Urge Chelsee Healey To Quit Celebs Go Dating After She’s ‘Rude’ To Most Of Her Dates

5 March 2019, 15:18

Chelsee Healey isn't going down well with Celebs Go Dating viewers.
Chelsee Healey isn't going down well with Celebs Go Dating viewers. Picture: Instagram

Chelsee Healey has threatened to walk out of the dating reality show after losing faith in the ‘dating’ experts’ who haven’t been able to find her a suitable man.

Fans have urged Chelsee Healey to quit dating reality TV show Celebs Go Dating after she was rude to most of her potential matches.

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The 30-year-old soap actress had threatened to walk out of the show after the so-called ‘dating experts’ were unable to find her dates she was happy with.

Chelsee told her other celeb pals looking for love on the show, “So far, I've lost all faith in these agents. I mean, I've not found one boy that could be a potential. I think they need to get their finger out and start delivering... if not then I'm leaving."

Fans took to Twitter to slate her behaviour on dates:

Dating agent Anna told the tabloids, “Chelsee comes with a lot of emotion from stuff in her past surrounding her previous relationship and the father of her child.

“Chelsee was difficult because she has this huge wall up. She was very, very unwilling to drop that defensive wall and protective barrier.

“Because this is Chelsee’s first experience of dating since she’s become a mum, and not just a mum, a single mum, this was a whole new ball game for her.

“It was almost like starting completely from scratch with somebody in the dating game because her life has changed over the past 18 months.

“So she has been quite difficult to be able to keep on the straight and narrow and work out who she wants and why she wants someone.”

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