Meet The Boys & Girls Heading Into Casa Amor & The Love Island Villa 2021

26 July 2021, 20:35

Meet the cast of Casa Amor 2021
Meet the cast of Casa Amor 2021. Picture: ITV2
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The Casa Amor contestants include social media influencers, a DJ and an American football player.

The Love Island villa is about to be rocked by a bunch of new bombshells and it remains to be seen whether the likes of Jake Cornish, Liam Reardon and Teddy Soares will have their heads turned.

The boys will be sent to Casa Amor while the girls, including Liberty Poole, Millie Court and Faye Winter, get to know a group of new lads.

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But who are the new boys entering the villa, and what do we know about the girls? Get to know the Casa Amor cast here, from their ages, Instagram handles, jobs and everything else…

Meet the Casa Amor girls: Clarisse, Lillie and Salma

Salma Nara, 20

Instagram handle: @salma.naranx

Casa Amor 2021: Salma Naran
Casa Amor 2021: Salma Naran. Picture: ITV2

Salma is a model/influencer from Dublin promising to bring “a lot of vibrant energy” to Casa Amor.

She signed up to Love Island because she reckons the villa is “the perfect atmosphere” to find love.

Mary Bedford, 22

Instagram handle: @mary_bedford

Casa Amor 2021: Mary Bedford
Casa Amor 2021: Mary Bedford. Picture: ITV2

Mary is a model and social media influencer from Leeds who’s entered Love Island to try “another direction” of finding love.

She’s got her eye on Liam and wants to “do a bit of flirting” to see “how Liam is actually feeling about Millie.”

Kaila Troy, 28

Instagram handle: @djkailatroy

Casa Amor 2021: Kaila Troy
Casa Amor 2021: Kaila Troy. Picture: ITV2

Kaia, from Dublin, is an international DJ on the hunt for love in the villa because “real life dating has not been doing me any favours.”

She describes herself as “energetic” and “the life of the party.”

Amy Day, 25

Instagram handle: @___amyday___

Casa Amor 2021: Amy Day
Casa Amor 2021: Amy Day. Picture: ITV2

Amy is a performer from Surrey who claims she “doesn’t take anything too seriously.”

The 25-year-old is a singer, dancer and actor who’s worked mostly on cruise ships.

She’s also appeared on TV, in an episode of Humans, but says her main goal is to star in the West End.

Clarisse Juliette, 23

Instagram handle: @clarissejuliette

Casa Amor 2021: Clarisse Juliette
Casa Amor 2021: Clarisse Juliette. Picture: ITV2

Clarisse is from London and owns her own brand as well as working as an influencer.

She said she’s got her eye on Teddy as “he’s tall, confident and smooth.”

Lillie Haynes, 22

Instagram handle: @lillie.haynes

Casa Amor 2021: Lillie Haynes
Casa Amor 2021: Lillie Haynes. Picture: ITV2

Lillie is a trainee accountant from South Shields who says she’s got her eye on Jake in the villa.

“He’s 100 per cent the type of boy I would go for at home. It’s too good of a match not to just go for,” she said.

She said she’s also interested in Liam as he’s “a dark horse.”

Meet the Casa Amor boys: Dale, Medhy and Sam

Dale Mehmet, 24

Instagram handle: @dalehuncho

Casa Amor 2021: Dale Mehmet
Casa Amor 2021: Dale Mehmet. Picture: ITV2

Dale is a barber from Glasgow who’s dad is half-Turkish, half-Scottish while his mum is Scottish.

He describes himself as “a massive geek” and has his eye on Faye.

Jack Barlow, 26

Instagram handle: @jackcbarlow

Casa Amor 2021: Jack Barlow
Casa Amor 2021: Jack Barlow. Picture: ITV2

Jack is a racing driver and coach from East Sussex who’s entering the villa to “find the one.”

He’s been racing since he was 12 years old, competing internationally until he had an accident at 19.

At the top of “his list” in the villa is Chloe.

Sam Jackson, 23

Instagram handle: @samjacksonn98

Casa Amor 2021: Sam Jackson
Casa Amor 2021: Sam Jackson. Picture: ITV2

Sam is a maintenance engineer from Clitheroe, Lancashire.

He said he’s “looking forward to meeting the boys” as he’s a “proper lads’ lad,” but ultimately wants a relationship.

Harry Young, 24

Instagram handle: @harryyoung__

Casa Amor 2021: Harry Young
Casa Amor 2021: Harry Young. Picture: ITV2

Harry is a car salesman from Glasgow who signed up for Love Island through Tinder.

He’s got his eye on Kaz in the villa and isn’t afraid to step on people’s toes.

The salesman said he’s the type of person on a night out who’s “there for a laugh and the banter.”

Medhy Malanda, 24

Instagram handle: @medhymalanda

Casa Amor 2021: Medhy Malanda
Casa Amor 2021: Medhy Malanda. Picture: ITV2

Medhy is from Belgium but now lives in Luton where he works as an American Football player and model.

The sportsman said he wants to get to know Kaz because “she’s funny and she’s got a beautiful smile.”

He also has his eye on Millie and admitted he’s not afraid to step on people’s toes.

Matthew MacNabb, 26

Instagram handle: @matthew_macnabb

Casa Amor 2021: Matthew MacNabb
Casa Amor 2021: Matthew MacNabb. Picture: ITV2

Matthew is a strategist marketing consultant from Belfast who signed up for the show for “adventure.”

He revealed before heading onto the show he started his consultancy at Christmas and it “took off really quickly.”

Matthew also previously worked in California for a year and has a masters in business administration.

He’ll also no doubt get the islanders talking about his height as he’s 6ft 6”.

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