Bridgerton Soundtrack: Yes, You Are Hearing Pop Songs In The Period Drama

25 December 2020, 09:00

Bridgerton's soundtrack subtly has a few modern pop songs
Bridgerton's soundtrack subtly has a few modern pop songs. Picture: Getty / PA / Netflix

The Bridgerton soundtrack is the first of its kind, with songs you’ll recognise from your favourite artists such as Ariana Grande given an orchestral spin for the ballroom.

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re super excited about new Netflix series Bridgerton, thanks to its epic cast and super modern feel.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any more addictive showrunner Chris Van Dusen and his team casually dropped in some of our fave pop songs to the soundtrack.

When Is Bridgerton Set? The Era Of Regency London

Yes, you read that correctly, there are a bunch of pop songs sprinkled into the soundtrack from the likes of Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes and Taylor Swift.

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While a the tracks have been re-mastered to make them 18th century worthy, our ears immediately pricked up to the vintage recreations and we genuinely want to add them to our Spotify.

A few of the songs can be heard in the grand ballroom scenes when Simon (Regé Jean Page) is spinning Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) around the floor, while Celeste’s ‘Strange’ is the perfect backdrop for a more emotional scene.

No spoilers here, but if you were wondering which pop songs it is you’ve been hearing on Bridgerton we’ve listed them below…

- ‘Girls Like You’, Maroon 5

- ‘Thank U, Next’, Ariana Grande

- ‘Written in My Blood’, Shawn Mendes

- ‘Bad Guy’, Billie Eilish

- 'Strange’, Celeste

- ‘Wildest Dreams’, Taylor Swift

Bridgerton is the most modern period drama to grace our TV screens
Bridgerton is the most modern period drama to grace our TV screens. Picture: Netflix

The addition of pop songs into this period drama that’s truly the first of its kind is just another reason it feels so modern.

Brb, adding these orchestral bangers to my future wedding playlist.

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