Who Plays Edwina Sharma In Bridgerton? Everything You Need To Know About Charithra Chandran

25 March 2022, 08:30 | Updated: 30 March 2022, 15:22

Who is Charithra Chandran?
Charithra Chandran is joining Bridgerton for season 2 as Edwina Sharma. Picture: Getty/Netflix
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Get to know Bridgerton 2 newcomer, Charithra Chandran who plays Edwina Sharma – here are all the details on the actress from her age to her previous television roles.

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Season two of Bridgerton is finally here and with the fresh new episodes, fans have been treated to a few new faces along the way too!

Newcomer to the cast, Charithra Chandran plays Edwina Sharma, a young debutante pursuing a 'love match' in none other than Anthony Birdgerton, portrayed by Jonathan Bailey.

Charithra is undoubtedly the breakout star of Bridgerton 2, with fans all wanting to know more about the young actress. So who plays Edwina Sharma and what do we need to know about her?

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Here's all the details about Bridgerton's newest cast member, including her age, previous TV and movie roles and what she's said about the hit Netflix show.

Bridgerton is Charithra Chandran's breakout role
Bridgerton 2 is Charithra Chandran's breakout role. Picture: Alamy

How old is Edwina Sharma actor Charithra Chandran?

Charithra is currently just 25 years old, with her birthday falling at the beginning of the year on January 17.

She was just 23 when she bagged the role of Edwina Sharma!

What TV shows and movies has Charithra Chandran been in before?

Bridgerton is set to be Charithra's breakout role as she has only had three acting bookings prior to the Netflix mega-hit. In fact, she only began acting professionally in 2021.

Some fans may recognise her as Sabina Pleasance from Alex Rider, a spy thriller series streaming on Amazon Prime. The 25-year-old bagged a main role in the sci-fi show's second season.

Charithra has also appeared in the short film, The Talents and portrayed the role of Cherry in Class S.

Charithra Chandran is a newcomer to Bridgerton's second season
Charithra Chandran completed a degree in philosophy before pursuing acting. Picture: Alamy

Where is Charithra Chandran from?

The Bridgerton star is currently from Scotland but has lived in other notable areas such as India and Oxford.

She studied a degree in Philosophy and graduated from the University of Oxford in 2019 – during her time as a student she became more involved with theatre and drama.

Charithra Chandran portrays Edwina Sharma in Bridgerton
Charithra Chandran has only had two acting roles prior to her big Bridgerton job. Picture: Netflix
Charithra Chandran has only a handful of acting credits
Charithra Chandran has only a handful of acting credits . Picture: Alamy

Does Charithra Chandran have an Instagram account?

Charithra Chandran can be found on Instagram under @charithra17, at the time of writing the emerging actress 41,000 followers – but we're sure that with the release of Bridgerton's second season that number is set to skyrocket!

The young star posts about her upcoming projects as well as sharing snaps from some of her cover shoots!

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