Here's Why You Didn't Hear The Classic Geordie Voice Over In The #CBB Launch Show...

3 January 2018, 07:57

Celebrity Big Brother Narrator Asset

"This will the first #CBB launch I’ve watched from home!"

There's a few reasons as to why we watch 'Celebrity Big Brother'. We wanna see stars enter the house. More importantly, we wanna see which of them are gonna have a big ol' fight with the others.

And even more importantly, we wanna nail our impression of the voice over guy. "Day 32..." (We're still working on it.)

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Ashley James Celebrity Big BrotherPic: Getty

Marcus Bentley, the Geordie bloke who narrates the reality show, has been an iconic part of 'Big Brother' for the past 17 years, but you may have noticed that he didn't say a word at the launch of the female-only 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

Either he was being very lazy in the recording booth, or he was omitted for a reason. After posting to Twitter "This will the first #CBB launch I’ve watched from home! Can’t wait," it came clear that Marcus wasn't a part of the show.

However, after fans started to question as to whether or not Marcus had been given the boot, he replied with "There's no female voice over. Just Emma Willis presenting.... I will be back tomorrow."

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Not only are we pleased that ledge is returning, but we're just happy we could read his posts in his thick Geordie accent.

We're just here for all of the #CBB drama, like this...