We PROMISE You'll Wanna Sell Your House And Move In The New 'Big Brother' House After Images Surface

18 December 2017, 15:34

Big Brother 2018 House

We'd live in there and never leave, tbf.

Every year, we eagerly sit with our eyes glued to 'Big Brother' in the hope of finding the next Nikki Grahame...

So you could imagine how hyped we were when the series released the first images of their new house.

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Several celebrities are meant to be gracing the new 'Big Brother' house from Tuesday, 2 January 2017, and it looks like they're in for a lush, lush treat.

The house's living room boasts some pretty swanky sofas (and some REAL bright lights)...

Big Brother 2018 HousePic: Twitter

The beds are pretty flash, with gold everywhere. Unlike our rooms which are just covered in dirty socks...

Big Brother 2018 HousePic: Twitter

And speaking of gold, just enjoy the 'Big Brother' kitchen. But you may need sunglasses...

Big Brother 2018 HousePic: Twitter

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There's even a cute little fireplace, 'cause where else could you get warm and snuggle?

Big Brother 2018 HousePic: Twitter

Well, you could get warm in... THE ACTUAL SAUNA...

Big Brother 2018 HousePic: Twitter

Great. Now we wanna move in. Thanks a lot, 'Big Brother'.

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