YouTubers Broke Into The CBB House In The Show’s Worst Security Fail Ever

22 January 2018, 15:37 | Updated: 22 January 2018, 15:39

The pair recorded the whole thing!

Given the amount of secrecy that goes on around Big Brother, you'd think that security would be at the highest level, but YouTubers Ally Law and Ryan Taylor actually managed to sneak inside and secretly film the housemates.

The pair took to Snapchat to share some footage of their sneaky actions and revealed that they managed to get right up tpo the front door and film inside the house.

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It's the first time something like this has happened for Big Brother and will have people asking a lot of questions about how the pair managed to get all the way up to the house without being stopped.


The power of the Viz. if you know, you know - @alexanderfarrell1999

A post shared by Ally Law (@mrallylaw) onDec 13, 2017 at 5:27am PST

The pair have been teasing a full video of their Big Brother Break In on social media, explaining that the footgae has been blocked from being posted online due to legal issues, but that it should all be sorted very soon.

Big Brother confirmed the break in and told a tabloid, "Last night, two intruders were apprehended by security at Elstree Studios. The safety of housemates, production and audience members is of paramount importance and Big Brother has appropriate security measures in place at all times."

As the short footage that has been released shows, the pair managed to record footage of  housemates including Jonny, Ginuwine, Ashley and Ann. Ally and Ryan were wearing orange hi-vis jackets to make them appear like workers on the set of the show.

It's not the first time the pair have managed to get into a prohibited area and they've become infamous on YouTube for their 'overnight' challenges which have seen them spend the night in waterparks, ice rinks and plenty more places after they were closed.

They have also shared videos of themselves climbing up rollercoasters at theme parks and managed to sneak into London's O2 whilst it was closed.

The pair were caught by security on this occasion and it remains to be seen whether they will face charges for their actions. According to Ally the full video of their escapade will be on YouTube shortly and that will hopefully reveal just how security failed to spot the duo.

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