5 Tips And Tricks That Will Stop You From Having A Halloween Costume Fail From Hell!

27 October 2017, 11:23 | Updated: 27 October 2018, 11:31

Halloween Fails - Mean Girls

It comes around once a year, so don't mess it up, okay?

Halloween is a time for ghosts, sweets, skeletons, sweets, vampires, sweets and sweets. And just because the annual tradition sees some ghoulish creatures haunt the streets, that doesn't mean your look has to be downright terrifying.

With Halloween just days away, we wanted to help you sort out your costume, and make sure you don't have any horrific fails.

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Don't go too obvious when it comes to your costume!

Gal Gadot Monologue - SNLPic: Saturday Night Live

Turning up to a party in the same L.B.D. as your mate is awkward enough as it is. So imagine how cringe it's going to be when you're both stood there in matching inflatable sumo suits. You won't be able to move without seeing Pennywise clowns. Don't even get us started on the amount of Rick and Mortys.

Avoid wearing white if you can!

Mean Girls Halloween GIFPic: Paramount Pictures

There's only a few reasons to wear a white ensemble - unless you're a mummy, a corpse bride or a scary, scary snowman. Other than that, avoid it, because people will be coated in red "blood" head to toe, and it'll only be a matter of milliseconds before your crisp white tee is a muggy shade of pink. Our mums are still trying to wash out some red face paint from Halloween 2008.

Try not to go over-the-top with the prosthetics!

The Simpsons Halloween GIFPic: FOX

We're all up for giving our costumes our full, undivided attention to make them look as good as physically possible. What we're not down for is putting on so many fake noses and beards that when we get to the club, the bouncer doesn't even recognise you from your ID, and you get turned away for looking too much like Shrek. Sigh.

Also, don't try TOO hard!

Anyone who rocks up to a Halloween party without a costume is a complete pleb in our eyes. There, we said it. But at the same time, we're not here for trying too hard - if someone doesn't get what your outfit is immediately, is it really worth it? We're still a little sore because one year, we went to a party dressed entirely in fluff, with photos stuck to us. No-one got it. (We went as the Cloud, FYI. Thanks for not getting it too.)


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Make sure you can still fit through a door!

Minions Costume GIF

Well, do we really need to explain this? It kinda speaks for itself, otherwise you're stuck outside, in the rain, with your costume melting over you. That's just plain sad.