The Silhouette Challenge: How To Do The Viral TikTok Trend, What Songs Are Used & What To Avoid

29 January 2021, 10:08

The 'Silhouette Challenge' has taken over TikTok
The 'Silhouette Challenge' has taken over TikTok. Picture: TikTok

TikTok users have been jumping on the new trend, the ‘Silhouette Challenge’ and here’s how to do it, what songs to use and what to avoid.

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The ‘Silhouette Challenge’ is yet another TikTok trend has been keeping people busy online.

Not long after the hype about the ‘Buss It’ challenge comes another NSFW trend that a lot of people are getting into at the moment!

Jade Thirlwall’s ‘Buss It’ Challenge Goes Viral After Little Mix Star Shares NSFW TikTok Video

The new trend sees the person doing it innocently posing in a doorway before becoming a sultry silhouette against a red background.

It’s not known how it came about but the challenge has already raked in over 146million views on TikTok in a matter of a few days.

So, how do you take part in the ‘Silhouette Challenge’? Here’s everything we know from how to get the red lighting to the songs to use to join in on the trend.

Chloe Bailey doing the Silhouette Challenge

How to do the ‘Silhouette Challenge’ explained

Just like most trends these days, it definitely looks harder than it actually is.

We’re here to break it down and show you the tutorial in a few easy steps.

1 - Pick any doorway in your house to pose in. Alternatively, find a good spot to turn into your sultry background.

2 - Stand in front of the doorway and record the intro to the video, where, similarly to the ‘Buss It’ challenge, people typically wear oversized clothes.

3 - Go on to Snapchat and search for the ‘Vin Rouge’ filter - this will give the illusion of a red backdrop.

4 - Record the second part of your video using the ‘Vin Rouge’ filter, starting off in the same position you ended your first video with. People typically wear tighter fitting clothing for this part to show off their ‘silhouette’.

5 - Log on to TikTok and combine both of the videos to make one clip.

6 - When adding the sound, make sure the drop lines up with where the second part of your video begins.

A TikTok user has even put together a simple explainer, showing how they made theirs!

Feel free to switch it up and try your own version as ‘Do It’ songstress, Chloe Bailey, did.

The singer, from Chloe x Halle, broke the internet after sharing her ‘Silhouette Challenge’, where she used coloured lighting in the background, rather than a filter, and a different song altogether.

What song is used for TikTok’s ‘Silhouette Challenge’?

It kicks off with Paul Anka’s ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’ and then transitions to Doja Cat’s ‘Freak’, where she samples the 1950s track.

What to avoid when doing the 'Silhouette Challenge’

There have been some safety warnings going around social media, advising people to not completely strip off for their ‘Silhouette Challenges’ as users claim that red is an easy colour to remove when editing.

One person shared on Twitter: “PSA: if y’all do the #silhouettechallenge please do not do it completely naked. Long story short, red is a primary color that can be easily removed with video editing. If you don’t want your naked highly visible butt shared on the web.. you know the rest [sic].”

Just to be on the safe side, make sure you show off your silhouette in tight clothes rather than less clothing!

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