WATCH: Taylor Lautner Just Bumped Jessica Alba Off His Crush List...But Who For?

18 February 2016, 15:23 | Updated: 10 December 2018, 13:04

When you're Jacob from Twilight (yes of course we still remember!) surely you could get any lady you wish right? Well Taylor has his eyes set on a special lady.

The world's hottest werewolf Taylor Lautner was interviewed by our very own Roman Kemp recently in a hilarious game of 'Fast Or Last' and a couple of secrets came spilling out of the actor's mouth!

Not only was Taylor on hand to tell us the last person he texted or what his favourite thing about the UK was, the Cuckoo star knocked Jessica Alba off his top crush list...but for who?

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Ever wondered if Taylor Lautner is a Belieber or not? Want to know how Taylor Lautner describes Kanye as in ONE word? Well you'll just have click play in the video above to find out won't ya! 

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