Super Bowl 2021: Four Moments You Missed – Including The Famous Faces In The Crowd

8 February 2021, 12:08

The Super Bowl 2021 did not disappoint
The Super Bowl 2021 did not disappoint. Picture: Getty / Twitter

By Kathryn Knight

The Super Bowl 2021 with The Weeknd's halftime show certainly gave the world the kind of show we’ve been wanting for a whole year.

From The Weeknd’s sensational performance during the NFL halftime show, to all the famous ‘faces’ in the cardboard crowd, the Covid edition of The Super Bowl 2021 did not disappoint.

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If you’re only just catching up on all the action, we’ve rounded up some of the moments you might’ve missed as Twitter fills with highlights from the night.

Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish and Drake were in the 'crowd' at the Super Bowl 2021

Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida was filled to capacity for the Super Bowl 2021, with NFL fans sending in pictures of themselves to sit where they’d usually be seated in a pre-pandemic world.

30,000 seats were filled with fans’ pictures as well as famous faces, including Eminem, Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, Drake, and the Bernie Sanders' meme from the inauguration we hope continues to pop up everywhere in 2021.

Fans paid $100 to send a picture of themselves to “be in attendance” at the game.

The Weeknd became a literal meme

It wouldn’t be one of the biggest shows of the year without the star of the stage becoming a viral meme moments later, and that’s exactly what happened to The Weeknd after his ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ performance.

During the track he was surrounded by mirrors and lights, looking seriously confused for a few moments as he decided where to turn – an approximately five second clip which turned into one of the best GIFs ever.

The Weeknd became a living meme during the Super Bowl 2021
The Weeknd became a living meme during the Super Bowl 2021. Picture: Meggy Nirkirk/Twitter

The Weeknd’s iconic red suit jacket was given an expensive update

Wearing his signature red blazer, The Weeknd gave his lewk a bedazzled update, covering it in embellishments so that he sparkled under the blinding lights – excuse the pun.

Givenchy spent over 250 hours embellishing the jacket by hand with thousands of crystals.

No wonder he didn’t make any outfit changes!

The Weeknd's suit was embellished with crystals
The Weeknd's suit was embellished with crystals. Picture: Getty

A streaker dashed onto the field

It wouldn’t be one of the most-watched events in the world without a streaker attempting to dash the field.

He reached touchdown before being tackled by security, but the cardboard cutouts went wild for it by the sound of things.

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