Don't Fall For This "Modelling" Scam Going Round On Snapchat!

14 November 2016, 16:38 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Snapchat Scam

By Matt Garforth

Don't believe you can earn £450-£55k through "modelling"... even WITH those butterflies around your head.

While we'd like to think of Snapchat as an innocent place where you can turn yourself into a puppy or vomit rainbows, it's still a social media platform that's open to a much darker side.

Girls across the UK and Ireland are receiving messages from a "modelling agency", offering work between £450 and £55,000 per shoot - and they actually look pretty legit... 

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The account, ACAmodels1, adds girls claiming to have seen their photos on Instagram and wants to represent them with high paying modelling gigs.

ACA Models is, in fact,  a genuine agency, and even represents former Miss Northern Ireland Leanne McDowell, who's also been approached by the scam account.

The alarm was raised after a 14-year-old girl replied with some headshots, but then the account demanded body photos - which is obviously a huge no-no to anonymous creeps online.

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ACA Models have addressed the scam, urging people to not respond to 'Louise' and that it is DEFINITELY not a representative of theirs.

Now that PSA's out of the way, you can go back to checking out today's new filters.

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