Skrillex And Diplo Reveal They Have A New Jack U EP In The Works – Erm, Pretty Exciting!

25 November 2015, 15:50 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Skrillex and Diplo at the Ultra Music Festival

They’re two of the most in-demand EDM producers, and we’re finally going to get a new Jack U EP in the new year.

If you hadn’t heard of Jack U – aka Skrillex and Diplo – before their collab with Justin Bieber earlier this summer, where have you been?! And the EDM duo have just confirmed they are also busy working on more of their own new material too.

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Skrillex revealed the news during a red carpet interview at the American Music Awards over the weekend, explaining, “We’re working on a new Jack U EP for early next year and just a lot of stuff, we’re always working together on a lot of different projects.”

The pair famously collaborated with Justin Bieber on his first new track since his reinvention, ‘Where Are U Now’, which sent #Beliebers and non-Justin-Bieber-fans alike into a frenzy.

We’re already excited to see what this duo pull out of the bag for their own new record. 

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