Selena Gomez Took On Gordon Ramsay In The Kitchen And It's Hilarious

5 September 2022, 17:13

Selena Gomez meets Gordan Ramsay's culinary wrath...
Selena Gomez meets Gordan Ramsay's culinary wrath... Picture: HBO/Getty

By Savannah Roberts

Fans have been praising Selena Gomez for hilariously withstanding Gordan Ramsay's temperament in the kitchen during her cooking series.

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Selena Gomez took on the infamous temper of Gordon Ramsay in the most recent episode of her cooking show Selena + Chef.

The pop star frequently invites guest chefs to feature on her culinary series – of which she is the executive producer – and the Kitchen Nightmares host is the latest personality to give Gomez a run for her money.

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Fans were sent reeling when the 'Rare' songstress witnessed first-hand the wrath of the British chef, a hilarious clip from the show has even gone viral online!

Selena was kept on her toes from the get-go, with Gordan starting their cooking chef by saying: “Let’s go, you’re late, please.”

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Selena Gomez hilariously stood her ground on Selena + Chef
Selena Gomez hilariously stood her ground on Selena + Chef. Picture: HBO
Gordan Ramsay is notorious for his kitchen temper
Gordan Ramsay is notorious for his kitchen temper. Picture: Getty

Ramsay and Gomez's witty repartee began when they started making ribeye steaks and the pop star got confused between the serval different hobs on the stove.

The notoriously hot-headed chef instructed Selena to use "the furthest pan", getting frustrated when she didn't quite follow.

As she misplaced the steak, Gordan made the mistake known: "Wong f***ing pan, that’s my nonstick pan for my potatoes!” he informs her.

“Furthest pan away," he sharply repeated.

Despite the raised voices, the 'Lose You To Love Me' seemed to find the high-pressure environment quite funny, she said through frantic laughs: "What does that mean!”

The British TV personality then joked that he was done with the Sutton, yelling out the window: "Next one in! Next one in, please! For f**k sake, somebody help me!"

Users on Twitter have been lapping up the funny moment, commending Selena for keeping cool, calm and collected throughout Ramsay's testy kitchen manner.

Fans couldn't get enough of the unlikely pairing, with one writing: "this is something i’ve truly wanted in my whole life. gordan and selena cooking together. [sic]"

Another posted: "selena gomez and gordon ramsay i'm in tears."

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