Selena Gomez’s Kidney Donor Francia Raisa Dodges Questions About Their Friendship

3 May 2023, 15:33 | Updated: 3 May 2023, 15:41

Francia Raisa fuels feud rumours with Selena Gomez
Francia Raisa fuels feud rumours with Selena Gomez. Picture: Getty

By Savannah Roberts

Francia Raisa has fuelled rumours that she is no longer on speaking terms with Selena Gomez after she dodges questions about their friendship.

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After speculation that Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa were feuding, the ‘Rare’ songstress publicly stated that she’s ‘forever ‘in debt’ to her friend and kidney donor.

However, rumours of a rift in their friendship have surfaced yet again after Francia seemingly dodged a paparazzi question about Selena.

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In a video obtained by TMZ, the How I Met Your Father star was approached by a paparazzo whilst out walking her dog in LA and she refused to comment about her long-term pal.

She was asked about the current state of her friendship with Selena and why she still doesn’t follow her back on Instagram, Francia coyly replied: “Sunday is so fun, it’s the day of rest.”

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Francia refused to comment on her relationship with Selena
Francia refused to comment on her relationship with Selena. Picture: Getty

The actress was further quizzed on whether she still spoke to the pop star, and she said: “It’s a good day isn’t it, it’s so pretty out now.”

Throughout the clip Francia continued to dodge any questions, answering with idle chit-chat and even posing her own questions for the reporter.

It wasn’t until the end of the video that she spoke about when she famously donated one of her kidneys to Selena in 2017.

The paparazzo asked if she would “do it again now with all the circumstances going on,” alluding to their alleged feud. She responded: “I would definitely speak to someone again about organ donation and the process and stuff.

“Because I’ve done it a few times [spoken to people] and it’s not something I’d promote obviously,” Francia said in the clip.

Selena Gomez said she was 'forever in debt' to Francia
Selena Gomez said she was 'forever in debt' to Francia. Picture: Getty
Francia Raisa wouldn't comment on Selena
Francia Raisa wouldn't comment on Selena. Picture: Getty

Raisa then recounted a touching exchange with someone who had also undergone a kidney donation and said: “For all of that it’s worth it.”

Rumours of a falling out between the pair first emerged in November when Selena released her documentary My Mind & Me, in an interview about the project she famously named Taylor Swift as her only friend in the industry, which Francia called "interesting".

A few months later, Selena publicly praised Francia whilst appearing on the Apple TV+ docuseries Dear..., she said: "My best friend. Her name is Francia. She said, 'No, I am absolutely getting tested.'

“I will never ever, ever be more in debt to a person than Francia. The idea of someone not even second-guessing to be a donor was unbelievably overwhelming. And within three days, she went to get tested, and she was a match.

"And it was one of those moments where I felt watched over. I know I was so so so lucky," she spoke about how the organ donation process.

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