Fans Wish Selena Gomez Well After Noticing Tube In Her Arm During Instagram Live

26 October 2020, 17:11

Fans are sending positive thoughts and well wishes to Selena Gomez after spotting her with a tube in her arm during an Instagram live.

Selena Gomez fans are sending their love and well-wishes to the singer after spotting a tube in her arm whilst she discussed the importance of voting with A Rainy Day In New York co-star, Timothée Chalamet on Instagram live.

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Selena Gomez fans worried for singer after noticing tube in arm
Selena Gomez fans worried for singer after noticing tube in arm. Picture: Instagram @selenagomez

Jumping on a live from home while Timothée joined the chat waiting in line to vote for the next US president in New York, the pair, who recently shot a film together, chatted about the importance of casting your vote.

Selena, 28, said she had sent her vote in the mail, saying she wasn't able to vote in person for 'certain reasons' which fans are speculating is down to her current health.

The 'Wolves' singer revealed she has been diagnosed with autoimmune disease lupus in 2015 and underwent a kidney transplant, receiving the organ from her friend, Francia Raisa, but still suffers health problems due to the disease.

One fan wrote: "I am in my tears this woman is so strong."

"I am so proud of her i hope she is safe cuz God knows how this woman has been through i am so proud that she's able to do things for us while battling with lupus everyday i love you Selena Gomez always and forever."

Although Selena doesn't post much online or talk often about living with lupus, fans know she is often privately battling varying health conditions caused by the disease and are always the first to offer her kind words, which the singer appreciates hugely.

Another lovingly wrote: "Praying for selena’s health and i really hope she’s doing well. i cant imagine what it is like to live with such a terrible autoimmune disease. sending you so much love and hugs."

Despite being unwell, Selena has still used her enormous online platform to encourage people to register to vote and get out there and cast their vote, with Timothée praised the singer for.

He said: "I'm really proud of you. You've been all over this stuff and I know it's making a difference."

So are we!

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