Ryan Reynolds Gets Absolutely Roasted By His Twin Brother In Hilarious Interview

15 November 2016, 14:59 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Ryan Reynolds

Clearly Gordon Reynolds is Ryan's biggest fan...

Just when we thought that we could barely cope with how handsome one Ryan Reynolds is, GQ kindly gave us two. 

They (ingeniously) asked the Hollywood A-lister to be interviewed by… HIS TWIN BROTHER.

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Side note: He doesn’t actually have a twin brother so we’re extra grateful for their pro video-editing skills.

According to the luxury mens mag, the actor prefers to keep his twin brother (Gordon Reynolds) hidden which is why no one has ever heard of him before. 

Ryan Reynolds twin brother

Highlights include: 

Gordon calling Ryan’s wife Blake Lively a beard.

Yeah, we have no idea why either.

Gordon calls Ryan the C bomb. 

Again, not sure why. Brotherly love?

Gordon basically calls Ryan a terrible actor.

Not sure that we’d agree. 

Ryan calls Blake Lively “wonderful”. 

And you can basically hear our hearts breaking.

Gordon probes into what Blake Lively is LIKE. As in, like like.

And things got a little uncomfortable.

There’s a cameo from Jake Gyllenhaal.

Best thing ever? 

In the words of the Reynolds’ brothers, “I think we’re done here”.

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