People Are Suggesting Rihanna Needs To "Go On A Diet" Or There's A "Baby On The Way" & They All Need To STFU

26 July 2017, 14:40 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Rihanna Valerian

Seriously, it's not cool.

A moment to appreciate how beautiful Rihanna is please? 

Okay, done? Good, cool.

> Rihanna Responds To A HORRIFIC Racist Tweet Saying She'd Look Better "If She Was White"

It seems though that this sentiment isn’t shared on Twitter - we know, shocking. 

The singer’s daring yet beautiful outfits of choice for the Valerian press tour has made her the target of brutal online trolls. 

“She looks fat!!! Why riri? Go on a diet”, one wrote, whilst another speculated if the 29 year old is pregnant by writing, “baby on the way”.

Guys, guys, guys. Have you not heard of Thickanna?

It’s a term that Rihanna coined herself back in 2013 after a fan asked her if she was gaining weight. She simply replied, “Yasss! #progress #operationThickanna”. 

So everyone just needs to PIPE. DOWN.

Remember when RiRi didn't recognise herself with the beautifying filter?