People Are Losing Their Minds Over How Old The Pengest Munch 'Kid' Really Is

13 December 2016, 10:45 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Elijah Quashie Pengest Munch YouTube age

How many of you thought he was still in school then? Come on, be honest.

If you haven't seen Elijah Quashie's 'Pengest Munch' channel by now then get ready to a. Subscribe to his YouTube channel, b. get very hungry, very quickly and c. discover what 'Crep Check' means.

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The YouTuber (whose latest video has already broken past the 1 million mark) reviews chicken shops all over London to finally determine which one has the pengest munch of all.

Quashie revealed, “Most of the time I eat chicken. All restaurants have reviews but chicken shops rarely have any. They are not respected like that and they are better for value than many.”

pengest munch elijah quashie age

PIC: YouTube

However fans have become baffled after learning the Chicken connoisseur's real age. Now we'll be honest, we were thinking Elijah was around 15...maybe 16 tops. Well, turns out he's 23!

And who said fried chicken is bad for your health huh? This guy is an actual connoisseur and looks nearly a whole decade younger than he actually is.

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Quashie already has some celebrity fans including Star Wars superstar John Boyega:

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