Will There Be A 'Pam & Tommy' Season 2?

9 March 2022, 13:27 | Updated: 9 March 2022, 14:20

Will there be a second series to Pam & Tommy?
Will there be a second series to Pam & Tommy? Picture: Alamy
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Will there be a follow-up season to the mega-hit show 'Pam & Tommy'? Here's everything we know so far...

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Pam & Tommy was an instant hit with audiences after it arrived to Disney+ on February 2 – fans were all gobsmacked by Lily James and Sebastian's incredible transformations into Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee!

The mini-series had just an eight-episode run, with the hotly-anticipated finale streaming from March 9.

Is Pam & Tommy A True Story And How Accurate Is It?

The biopic follows the intense media storm surrounding Pamela and Tommy in the mid-1990s after their sex tape was leaked – but could these real-life events inspire a whole new batch of episodes?

Sebastian Stan and Lily James transform into Pam & Tommy in new series

Pam & Tommy began streaming in February 2022
Pam & Tommy began streaming in February 2022. Picture: Alamy

Is there a second season of Pam & Tommy?

Pam & Tommy is a commercial and critical success - so everyone is obviously asking the same question...

The project was announced as a limited series from the get-go, meaning a follow-up season is not happening. The drama retells the story from real-life events, therefore it's unlikely that the story has much to follow up on after the finale.

The central theme of the series was the reaction to the unauthorised sex tape and how it immediately affected Pam and Tommy's worlds.

The Pam & Tommy finale aired on March 9
The Pam & Tommy finale aired on March 9. Picture: Alamy
A second season for Pam & Tommy hasn't been announced
A second season for Pam & Tommy hasn't been announced. Picture: Alamy

Pam & Tommy is a US series airing on Hulu, meaning that fans across the pond in the UK can watch it on Disney+ under the Star section – neither Hulu or Disney+ have announced a second season.

However, if fans want to know more about Pamela Anderson after the 90s scandal then they are in luck! The Baywatch actress announced earlier this month that she is producing a documentary with Netflix where she will 'tell the real story'.

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