One Direction Reunion Tweet Is Giving Fans The Hope They Need Ahead Of 10th Anniversary

14 July 2020, 16:25

One Direction's reunion rumours have been fuelled by a fan's tweet
One Direction's reunion rumours have been fuelled by a fan's tweet. Picture: PA/Twitter

A fan's tweet about the rumoured One Direction reunion has fans hopeful that Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson will surprise us on their 10th anniversary.

One Direction fans have been hoping for a reunion for a while now, and a new tweet has given fans the hope they needed.

Directioners have been speculating about Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik getting back together for their 10th anniversary, to celebrate a decade since they formed on the X Factor, and the new post has just added to their anticipation.

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On Twitter, one fan wrote: "Niall did not go and say he’d drop everything to come back to 1D, louis did not say that he promises us they’d be back, harry did not say when everyone is ready they promise they’d be back, liam did not go and drop all these hints, FOR Y’ALL TO BELIEVE 1D IS OVER NEXT WEEK [sic].”

Next week, as you probably already know, will be their anniversary date and we have no idea what will be in store for fans yet, on July 23.

The moment One Direction were formed

However, a lot of people were quick to comment on the post with what they think about the rumoured 1D reunion.

One fan wrote: "Plus they also have an un-toured album, just the four of them when they are ready they will come together and be amazing again, now I’m probably gonna get bashed for saying just four but guys yous need to think about it zayn never wanted to be apart of it, he’s admitted it [sic].”

“We all know they're not saying goodbye and they're not getting back together, but something is happening 100%,” penned another.

A third added: “I swear this is the only thing i’ve read all day that genuinely made me smile!! like my tiktok fyp is ALL about how we only have nine days with 1D but like HAVE FAITH IN OUR BOYS [sic].”

One Direction were formed in July 2010
One Direction were formed in July 2010. Picture: PA
One Direction fans are hopeful for a reunion
One Direction fans are hopeful for a reunion. Picture: Twitter
Fans have speculated about the 1D boys' reunion
Fans have speculated about the 1D boys' reunion. Picture: Twitter

Despite Liam and Niall saying they’d be up for a reunion, it hasn’t been confirmed by any of the boys that there will definitely be one on their anniversary.

It is thought that Zayn won’t be joining, however, if they did decide to celebrate their 10th anniversary, as he left the band in 2015, a year before they took their hiatus.

But that doesn't mean we’re giving up on the idea of it just yet!

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