Niall Sends Nod To Zayn After His Praise Say One Direction Fans

19 March 2021, 11:27 | Updated: 19 March 2021, 15:09

Niall Horan sends 'subtle sign' to Zayn in latest Instagram snap
Niall Horan sends 'subtle sign' to Zayn in latest Instagram snap. Picture: PA/ Instagram @niallhoran

1D fans are convinced Niall is subtly responding to Zayn's lovely words about him in a recent interview in his latest Instagram snap and we're NGL- we could be convinced by their theory!

Niall Horan's latest Instagram snap has One Direction fans convinced he is throwing a subtle nod to his pal and former bandmate, Zayn, who recently sang his praises and complemented his music in an interview.

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Niall Horan posts a selfie 1D fans think is a sign to Instagram
Niall Horan posts a selfie 1D fans think is a sign to Instagram. Picture: Instagram @niallhoran

Zayn, 28, gave a rare interview to US radio station SiriusXM following the release of his third album 'Nobody Is Listening' when he opened up about Niall being his 'favourite' and absolutely loving his music.

Zayn said: "I’ll tell you what...Niall is my favourite."

"How about that? There you go. Niall makes the best music, there you go."

“Yeah I will say that he makes better music than me. Yeah, I’m a Niall fan."

Many were surprised to hear the 'Vibez' singer being so open about the band who he rarely mentions and couldn't help but notice what appeared to be Niall's response to the whole thing.

Niall, 27, posted a photo dump to Instagram and one snap saw him raising one eyebrow- something Zayn taught him how to do.

Since leaving the band in 2015, Zayn has exchanged tense words, sometimes indirectly and other times directly with some of his former bandmates, but he and Niall have greeted each other at award shows and the like.

So, it seems the 'Better' singer has kept a soft spot for his Irish mate and who knows, maybe one day we'll even see them hanging out again, or even better- a collab?!

Either way, it's amazing to see the boys praising one another and admitting they listen to each other's solo material!

Niall was spotted listening to Zayn's debut album a few years back, so it's clear they have serious respect for one another.

Ugh, love 'em.

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