One Direction's Final Scene That Was Cut From 'History' Music Video Resurfaces Ahead Of 10th Anniversary

2 July 2020, 08:59

One Direction's alternate ending for 'History' resurfaces
One Direction's alternate ending for 'History' resurfaces. Picture: One Direction

The alternate ending to One Direction's 'History' music video resurfaces ahead of 1D's tenth anniversary this month.

There's not long to go until we discover how One Direction will be marking their tenth anniversary as a band this month.

One of the last times we saw Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis together was in the music video for their single 'History'.

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The song was released in November 2015 as the final single before the group went on their hiatus in January 2016.

At the time, there was a lot of talk about the video's ending, which saw the four run off in opposite directions.

But it later emerged that this wasn't what was originally planned for the music video's final scene...

Ben Winston, who directed the music video along with Calvin Aurand and Gabe Turner, told MTV at the time that the boys were supposed to run back together towards each other but this was cut from the edit.

"The ending wasn't supposed to look like they're just walking off in different directions, it was kind of like a 'see you in a bit, guys," Ben revealed.

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The full scene - the video's alternate ending - was shared by Ben's Fulwell 73 Productions a year later in 2017 and has now resurfaced ahead of One Direction's tenth anniversary.

As promised, it shows all four band members running back into the shot and just generally goofing around with one another.

Will 1D pick up where they left at the end of the music video for their anniversary this July?

There are plenty of rumours about a potential reunion and Liam Payne fuelled speculation further this week, after posting a TikTok video which showed him pretending to FaceTime bandmate Harry Styles.

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