How One Direction Fans Are Celebrating 10 Years Of 1D – From Listening Parties To Cake Making

23 July 2020, 12:12

One Direction fans are celebrating 10 years of the boy band in some incredibly creative ways
One Direction fans are celebrating 10 years of the boy band in some incredibly creative ways. Picture: Getty / Twitter

One Direction’s 10-year anniversary has inspired some incredibly creative celebrations from fans.

Loyal One Direction fans are marking 10 years of the iconic boy band with activities including socially-distant parties, streaming parties, and 1D-themed baking.

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne were put together on The X Factor in 2010, and although they went on hiatus in 2015 after Zayn left the group, fans are marking the anniversary in a big way.

Capital Celebrates One Direction's Ten Year Anniversary With A Watch Party & Liam Payne Joins Capital Breakfast!

We showed Directioners some ideas of party supplies you can make at home for the occasion, and in return you all showed us how you’re celebrating.

One Direction have been together since 2010
One Direction have been together since 2010. Picture: Getty

A lot of committed fans even booked the day off of work to properly make the most of the most of the milestone.

Many also stayed up into the early hours of Thursday morning to be among the first on the 10-year anniversary website – which crashed before it went live.

Here are just some of the amazing, creative ways loyal fans are celebrating…

While some put together homemade banners in the band’s iconic red, white, and blue colours, others dusted off their old posters to stick around the house.

There’s also been a lot of cakes made to properly celebrate the anniversary, with some Great British Bake Off level icing skills mastered especially for 23 July.

Streaming parties seems to be the most popular way to acknowledge the day, with groups of fans coming together on Zoom to reminisce the boys’ unforgettable tunes.

A huge party in New Zealand was organised for life-long fans, where a club was packed full of partygoers listening to 1D songs all night – AKA the anniversary party we all dreamed of.

Pulling out old 1D merch and listening to their entire discography, fans are certainly going big for the 10-year special.

Make sure you join our celebrations #1Dat10onCapital all day today (23 July) where we’ll be playing some of the biggest 1D hits all day – and at 7PM Jimmy Hilll and The Capital Evening Show will be awarding 1D's biggest superrfan with a whole load'a merch thanks to Apple Music.

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