Netflix Has Its Own Version Of Love Island & It's Been Right In Front Of You The Whole Time

10 July 2017, 14:56 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

New favourite obsession.

It’s hard to have a conversation at the moment and for Love Island not to be brought up. 

Seriously, even the most unlikely celebrities are getting involved! 

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So, really, it’s not that surprising that Netflix has it’s very own version of Love Island… kinda.  

Yep, Netflix’s ‘Terrace House’ is being deemed as the equivalent of the hit ITV2 show… but just a little less… raunchy.  

It’s usually set in Japan and it features a similar set-up to the British show where young singletons enter a house to hopefully find a relationship. However, the contestants in Terrace House are a little more restrained when it comes to the sexiness of it all. 

But hey, if it’s remotely similar to Love Island, we’re totally on board.

P.S. This is where you've seen new girl Georgia before...

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