Netflix’s ‘Continue Watching’ Feature Is Scrapped & Here’s How To Remove It

23 July 2020, 17:21

Here's how to remove your Netflix 'continue watching' row
Here's how to remove your Netflix 'continue watching' row. Picture: PA/Netflix

Netflix has gotten rid of their ‘continue watching’ feature, but how do I remove it?

Netflix has definitely had people hooked over the past couple of months, during lockdown, with numerous releases to binge-watch.

One of the most common features (and annoying for some people) is the ‘continue watching’ row, which comes up when you visit the home page.

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But did you know you can now completely remove it? Here’s how…

Netflix has updated its features
Netflix has updated its features. Picture: PA

How to remove ‘continue watching’ feature from Netflix?

The streaming service announced on July 14 that you no longer have to see ‘continue watching’ pop up when scrolling for something to watch.

We’ve got you covered on how to get rid of it, with these simple steps:

1 - Log on to Netflix on your mobile device.

2 - Click the three dots below the title and select ‘remove from row’.

3 - Go on to your TV account, and your changes should be saved.

At the moment, the feature is only supported on mobile devices.

However, once you make the change, it should be reflected on your other accounts and can be accessed from other devices.

Simple as that!

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