How Nail Bars And Beauty Salons Will Look When They Reopen

19 June 2020, 15:58

Nail salons could reopen from July 4
Nail salons could reopen from July 4. Picture: Getty

Nail salons are among the non-essential services planning to reopen from July. But what will it look like to get a manicure post-lockdown?

Although returning to the beauty salon isn’t the most important thing right now, beauty lovers can’t help but wonder how things will be different when nail bars eventually reopen in the UK.

After it was revealed hairdressers have been advised to keep talking to clients to a minimum, will it be the same for nail salons, and will the staff have to wear any PPE?

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It’s thought the beauty industry will begin reopening from 4 July, as many services within the industry fall under the “personal care” category, which are part of phrase three in reopening businesses across the country following the coronavirus lockdown.

London and Essex nail salon London Grace shared a first-look at the changes they’ve made to their stores, revealing their technicians will be wearing face masks for each appointment.

They have also placed a perspex screen between the customer and the technician, with gaps at the bottom for the client to put their hand through.

Staff will also be wearing gloves.

Nail salons have always had hygiene as a top priority, but increased measures will now be put in place to protect the potential spread of coronavirus.

This will likely include frequent hand washing for both manicurists and customers and space for social distancing throughout the salon.

The waiting area may also be a thing of the past, to allow more space for social distancing and easier cleaning.

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LDN Grace posted this to inform customers of their changes
LDN Grace posted this to inform customers of their changes. Picture: LDN Grace/Instagram

Staff will also thoroughly sterilise every non-disposable tool after each treatment and there will be regular deep cleaning.

Like London Grace, most salons will likely ask customers to pre-book appointments to keep the numbers of people within the shop to a minimum.

When the retail sector reopened on 15 June, most stores reopened with reduced hours, and this is looking to be a similar plan for the beauty industry in the first few weeks of reopening.

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