WATCH: Justin Bieber Gets Stopped By Police Over ‘Security Tag’ On His Off-White Trainers

28 March 2019, 10:24 | Updated: 28 March 2019, 16:52

Justin Bieber was stopped by police for his Off-White trainers.
Justin Bieber was stopped by police for his Off-White trainers. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Justin called out designer Virgil Abloh for the design, which features a cable tie though the laces of the shoe, which ended up attracting attention from the police.

If you’re into fashion, you’ll already be familiar with Virgil Abloh’s Off-White label, with its iconic cable tie accessories, but the policeman that spotted Justin Bieber rocking a pair of the trainers clearly hadn’t seen them before.

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Justin shared an Instagram story of his shoes, telling his followers, “Virgil, my god, bro. You freaking, you’re killing me, man!

"I just had a cop come up to me and ask me why I still had the security tag on my shoe. What the…

“I had to tell him, ‘Bro, it’s just fashion’. I don’t know. He’s like, ‘It sure looks like a security tag.'

“I’m like, ‘Nah, bro, you can check it out.’ It looks like it though… but you’re getting me in trouble!”

Thankfully it seems the policeman believed Justin that the tag was just a part of the design, and didn’t think he had stolen the sneakers.

Let’s be honest, it’s not like JB can’t afford the £400+ trainers, though they were likely to have been gifted to him from the designer himself.

Justin also has his own clothing line, Drew, which he and Hailey Baldwin have been rocking lately – though there’s no visible security tags on those, we’re happy to report!

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