All The Albums Coming Out In 2022: Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Lizzo & More

31 August 2022, 17:36 | Updated: 2 September 2022, 16:19

All of the biggest 2022 albums...
All of the biggest 2022 albums... Picture: Alamy/Getty

By Savannah Roberts

Here are all the albums set to make a splash this year, from 'Harry's House' to Lizzo's first album in three years – here's everything you need to know...

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2022 has been a big year for music thus far, and it's only going to get bigger!

A slew of your favourite pop stars has been releasing records throughout all year, with fans being treated to big deliveries from the likes of Harry Styles' and Lizzo! Now, fans look to Autumn for hot new drops from the likes of Taylor Swift and Louis Tomlinson.

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Here's your guide to every upcoming album that's set to take 2022 by storm!

Taylor Swift to release her tenth studio album 'Midnights'

We were all sent reeling when the pop sensation revealed that has a brand-new album coming out during the MTV Video Music Awards, forever a fan of autumn, Taylor will be releasing 'Midnights' on October 21.

After the shock announcement, Swift wrote: "This is a collection of music written in the middle of the night, a journey through terrors and sweet dreams. The floors we pace and the demons we face.

" For all of us who have tossed and turned and decided to keep the lanterns lit and go searching — hoping that just maybe, when the clock strikes twelve ... we'll meet ourselves," the music icon continued.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more information on Taylor's next project...

'Midnights' will come out on October 21
'Midnights' will come out on October 21. Picture: Taylor Swift/Twitter

Louis Tomlinson is releasing his second solo album this November

Louis Tomlinson has announced that his long-awaited second studio album is well and truly on the way, finally giving fans a follow-up to his solo debut 'Walls', which came out in 2020.

The One Direction star's sophomore record 'Faith In The Future' will drop on November 11, with the lead single for the LT2 era being 'Bigger Than Me'.

Faith In The Future drops November 11
Faith In The Future drops November 11. Picture: Louis Tomlinson/Instagram

Harry Styles released his highly-awaited third album

It's the year of Harry! The 28-year-old star brought out 'Harry's House' on May 20, and obviously the internet has been reeling ever since.

The lead single 'As It Was' was released in April, and was followed up with 'Late Night Talking' – fans have been utterly treated to. theHS3 era thus far...

What song fd you think he'll be putting out from 'Harry's House' next?

Harry Styles brought out his third solo album 'Harry's House'
Harry Styles brought out his third solo album 'Harry's House'. Picture: Alamy
'Harry's House' came out on May 20
'Harry's House' came out on May 20. Picture: Harry Styles/Twitter

Lizzo released a 'Special' follow-up album to 'Cuz I Love You'

We were finally treated to a new LP from Lizzo!

The 'Juice' songstress announced via her Instagram in April that her fourth album was finished and ready to be released – it's safe to say her fans went wild in the comments, understandably.

'Special' dropped on July 15 and has spawned mega-hits that have soundtracked all of our summers. From TikTok banger 'About Damn Time' to her latest single '2 Be Loved', Lizzo has undoubtedly been making waves.

Lizzo's 'Special' came out on July 15
Lizzo's 'Special' came out on July 15. Picture: Lizzo/Instagram

Could Taylor Swift be putting out another re-recorded album

There's a reason why people call Miss Swift the music industry...

As we're sure you're aware, Taylor embarked upon a very busy release schedule since she decided to re-record and release her first five albums after her former record company sold the masters to her music catalogue.

The first record to get the 'Taylor's Version' treatment was 'Fearless', a country album originally from 2008 that was reimagined in April 2021.

The songstress has since treated fans to reimagined works of 'Fearless' (2008) and 'Red' (2012) – but what's next?

Taylor's dedicated fan base constantly has their eyes peeled for her Easter eggs, with Swifties theorising that the next albums could be '1989' or 'Speak Now'.

Considering there was just a seven-month gap between the release of her first two 'Taylor's Version' albums, it's highly likely that we'll be getting at least one nostalgic record from the pop sensation.

Fans think Taylor Swift will be dropping another re-recording in 2022
Fans think Taylor Swift will be dropping another re-recording in 2022. Picture: Alamy
Could Taylor Swift put out '1989 (Taylor's Version)' next?
Could Taylor Swift put out '1989 (Taylor's Version)' next? Picture: Alamy

Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow put out his sophomore album 'Come Home The Kids Miss You' on May 6!

The 24-year-old rapper has been releasing music since 2014, with six mixtapes, two EPs and one studio record under his belt before his latest drop!

'First Class', the second single from the upcoming album instantly took the internet by storm as it quickly became a viral TikTok sound.

Jack Harlow's 'Come Home The Kids Miss You' comes out on May 6
Jack Harlow's 'Come Home The Kids Miss You' comes out on May 6. Picture: Jack Harlow/Instagram
Jack Harlow's gearing up for the release of his second studio record
Jack Harlow's gearing up for the release of his second studio record. Picture: Alamy

Florence & the Machine

Florence & the Machine put out her first project in over four years with the LP, 'Dance Fever'. Her fifth studio record became available to stream on May 13!

Florence Welch and her band shared a whopping four singles before the record's arrival, kicking off the slew of releases with lead single 'King'.

Craig David

Craig David has released a whopping seven albums throughout his career and he's just brought out another!

The singer-songwriter teased the record back in October with the single 'Who You Are', a collaboration with MNEK.

The 40-year-old's eighth studio album '22' also came out on May 13.

We'll keep this page updated with all your favourite pop star's upcoming projects!

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