WATCH: Mel B Storms Off America’s Got Talent Stage After Simon Cowell Mocks Her Marriage

23 August 2017, 15:18 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

But not before she lobbed a glass of water of him for the jibe.

It all got a little bit awkward on America’s Got Talent last night after Simon Cowell made a joke about Mel B’s failed marriage which led to her storming off the stage in the middle of the live show.

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During last night’s live show, Mel launched a glass of water at Simon after he told one of the acts, “I kind of imagine this would be like Mel B's wedding night. A lot of anticipation, not much promise or delivery." 

Mel walked off the stage after the joke – and it’s no wonder she’s sensitive about the topic given that she’s currently divorcing her husband of 10 years, Steven Belafonte.

She did eventually come back to finish the show, telling the HuffPost, “I told him he was an a**ehole. And he goes, 'Oh, whatever.'" Nice! 

America's Got Talent is on truTV in the UK every Tuesday at 8pm. 

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