McDonald’s Breakfast Menu Is Back In 42 Restaurants From Today

24 June 2020, 10:50 | Updated: 24 June 2020, 14:36

McDonald's breakfast menu is back!
McDonald's breakfast menu is back! Picture: PA images

McDonald’s breakfast menu is back in 42 restaurants from today!

McDonald’s breakfast menu is available to order from 42 selected restaurants from today (Wednesday 24 June).

The fast food giant was forced to close its doors back in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, but slowly but surely they are now opening back up around the UK and Ireland.

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McDonald's breakfast is available from 42 branches.
McDonald's breakfast is available from 42 branches. Picture: PA images

The news was announced on McDonald’s UK Twitter account.

A post read: “The Return of the McMuffin – 42 restaurants in the South East of England and Ireland will test the return of breakfast from today.”

A ‘limited menu’ will be on offer, which includes Hash Browns, McMuffins and pancakes.

However, porridge, bagels and Breakfast Wraps are currently unavailable due to there being less people in the kitchen.

CEO Paul Pomroy said: "As with our main menu, we will have a limited menu at breakfast but we've kept the classics - hash browns, McMuffins and pancakes all return.

"Unfortunately, whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines, we are unable to serve porridge, bagels and our Breakfast Wrap.

“This is because we have fewer people in the kitchen.

"When deciding the reopening menu, we took the decision to remove any items that might be challenging for our our teams to make while maintaining social distancing in the kitchen - for example, wraps and Shakes.

"These are two menu items that often create additional traffic in certain parts of the kitchen and we need more time to ensure that we can bring them back to you, without impacting the safety measures we have put in place.

"I know it is disappointing if these are your usual favourites, but in light of the challenges we are all facing, I really appreciate your understanding of the restrictions and changes that we have implemented to help keep you and our people safe."

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