The Magical Clock From The Weasley Household In Harry Potter Is Now A Real Life Muggle Thing

12 September 2017, 17:27 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Weasley clock is now a real life thing


Hands up who knows the story of Harry Potter so well that you basically go around shouting ACIO to summon something because you’re too lazy to go up the stairs to actually get it? 

Just us? Oh right. Cool.

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Well, it seems that some other Potterhead is as obsessed with the fantasy world as we are and have created a muggle versions of the magical clock from the Weasley’s house. 

The clock was located at the Burrow and helped to keep track of where each of the individual family members were at all times. 

The ETA Clock is a new Kickstarter project which works with your phones GPS system to track your family’s location and then displays it for everyone to see.

Much like the one in the Weasley’s house, the muggle version features a series of icons which are associated with locations or behaviours, ranging from being at set family, friend or work addresses, to be at a major hospital or airport, or even travelling at any speed faster than 3mph. 

The clock’s different coloured hands are assigned to each different family member, each of whom has the accompanying app on their phone. 

But you might need to raid Gringotts to be able to afford it - it’s expected to retail at $500.

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