Madison Beer Asks People To Stop The 'Hurtful' Ariana Grande 'Copying' Claims

19 November 2020, 16:46

Madison Beer says Ariana Grande copying claims are hurtful
Madison Beer says Ariana Grande copying claims are hurtful. Picture: Getty Images

Madison Beer has responded to claims she 'copies' Ariana Grande, calling the comments 'mean' and asking people to stop

Madison Beer has made a heartfelt plea for people to stop accusing her of 'copying' Ariana Grande with her music career and style, admitting she finds comments 'sad and hurtful' in Q&A answer online.

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Filming herself from inside a car, the 21-year-old responded to the question 'how do you feel about Twitter saying you're a wannabe Ariana?'

She said: "I try not to look at that stuff."

"I've openly supported and loved and been a fan of Ariana's for years and years and years so I think she would say and I would say she makes things to inspire and that's what an artist is all about."

"I think it's sad and hurtful when I see so many people bullying and harassing me in a lot of ways and taking away that legit-ness of anything I do."

The 'Baby' singer continued to praise the 'Positions' singer, calling her an 'icon' and letting people know just how much she loves the superstar.

She said: "I don't think we're to be compared and we're our own people and she's definitely inspired me because she's one of my idols and I love her so much."

"It makes me sad when I see people pinning us against each other when it's nothing but love, I adore her and think she's a f***ing icon."

"It's just kind of mean and I'm my own person."

"And if she does something that inspires, I think that's her goal, I don't know why there would be a problem with her positively impacting me or anyone else."

"I know I'm my own person and have my own artist identity and people should stop comparing women."

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